High Density Filing Systems

Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems offers many high density filing system applications for your filing needs.

Using Space Saving File Storage Systems

Finding space for storing paper files in today’s minimalist office environments can be challenging. Not only have office spaces decreased in size overall, they are often designed to be open and airy – leaving even less room for paper filing storage areas. Even though the square footage available for filing is shrinking, our paperless world still produces a plethora of materials that need to be stored somewhere.
Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems provides filing storage products that can increase filing storage capacity in today’s smaller office environments. Our solutions include sliding lateral filing cabinets and high-density mobile shelving options.
HD2 sliding lateral filing cabinets maximize storage capacity by placing one row of filing cabinets in front of another row. The front filing units sit on rolling carriages that travel back and forth on a re-levelable modular floor system, providing access to the back, stationary row of cabinets. The result is a high-efficiency, high-volume storage system that offers more storage capacity than traditional lateral files.
High density mobile shelving systems place existing or new shelving units onto aluminum carriages that travel along rails. These carriages move back and forth through the use of a manual hand crank or an electric push button to create a single access aisle, eliminating the need for empty aisles that take up much needed space. Our high density mobile shelving solutions can practically double storage capacity within an existing floor plan.
Finding space for filing storage in your office is simple when using one of Hi-Density's mobile shelving or lateral storage systems in stead of traditional filing cabinets.
Filing storage solutions are available in Hi-Density's following product lines:

HD2 Lateral Storage
HD2 Storage Information
HD3 Storage
HD3 Storage Information
HD4 Storage
HD4 Storage Information
HD5 Storage
HD5 Storage Information

Example Uses of High Density Filing Solutions

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