High Density Storage Gallery

More Installations of Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems

Tall general storage shelving in a clean room at a pharmaceutical company
West Point sports medicine supplies
School system multi-use shelving archival and supplies
Sports gear stored at West Point
Sports gear storage at West Point
Golf bag storage

Special upfront system with locked display units
Locking cabinets with open shelving above at the Nixon Library
Bulk and miscellaneous storage
Box and cabinet storage at the Nixon Library
Museum storage cabinet with custom top storage shelving at Mesa Verde
Flat files and shelf storage at Badlands Museum

Medical supply with mechanical safety sweep in a clean area
Hanging files storage
Locking lateral storage
High density storage filing cabinet
West Point sports medicine supply storage
Unique storage configuration at Badlands Museum

Locking lateral filing storage
Biola University library on existing competitor's recessed rails
Recessed rail at Mesa Verde Museum