Lateral Filing Systems – Efficiency For Your Space

The Lateral Filing Storage System from Hi-Density Spacesaving Solutions can provide twice the storing capacity for your filing cabinets without taking up twice the space. Our innovative design allows the filing system to move easily on sliders, making it an ideal solutions for offices and small businesses that have outgrown their current filing space but don’t have room (or budget) to expand. The increased efficiency of our lateral filing systems drastically improves your ability to file without sacrificing any comfort or convenience.

LOCKING-LATERAL-2Three Benefits of Lateral Filing Storage Systems

Our lateral filing systems are made from 6061 structural-grade aluminum and are fully welded in a jig for ideal alignment, ensuring that they will be quiet, easy to move simple to install in your commercial space. In addition to the quality of materials and USA-made construction, the most obvious benefit is an increased storage capacity within your space. If you’re still unsure about how systems like these work work, here are some hidden benefits that you might not have been aware of:

  • Flexibility. The HD2 modular floors can be reconfigured, moved, and extended, which means that a one-time installation doesn’t require a decades-long commitment to the layout of your space. This gives you freedom to further expand your filing systems if your office needs change.
  • Safety. With “anti-tip assembly,” these carriages can be very safe, ensuring that your workforce can focus on finding the appropriate materials and not be distracted with an out-of-date filing system.
  • Security. Hinged or tamber locking doors can be installed to HIPPA requirements. This makes the system more secure, which is a great benefit for filing documents that might be especially sensitive.

lateralOur Lateral Filing System Design

How are we able to achieve systems that accomplish so much for your space? These key design features showcase the quality of our work:

  • Durability. The carriages include ball bearing wheels capable of holding some 2,000 pounds. This means that there is plenty of durability built right in, even in a relatively lightweight system.
  • Customization. With reconfigurable storage solutions, there’s no end to the possibilities. Each space is different, which is why it’s important that your carriage be reconfigurable to respond to your office needs.
  • Welding quality. Carriages/floors are fully welded in a jig to ensure the best possible alignment. Trim is even provided for covering leveling screws so that they’re not exposed.

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