Library Storage Solutions

Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems offers many space saving applications specifically designed for library use cases.

Library Environments are Changing

Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems manufactures mobile shelving solutions for libraries that are designed to meet the modern demands of today's patron. Libraries have changed from book and media storage facilities to more open environments that provide patrons with amenities, services and a variety of learning activities. They are designed to facilitate openness and a better sense of community.

Hi-Density’s mobile shelving solutions enable book and archival collections to be stored within a smaller storage footprint, freeing up existing space for libraries to use for new meeting rooms, collaborative workspaces, and learning labs. Read more about mobile shelving for libraries.

Mobile Shelving Has the Power to Transform Libraries

Digital publications, portable e-readers, mobile phones and even subscription services like have reduced the need for paper books, media and journals as a whole. Most libraries now offer digital collections that users can access to download books directly to their Kindle or e-reader.

With access to reading material online and at their fingertips, library patrons are looking to libraries to provide information in new ways. Often people are searching for a quiet space to study, an open space to collaborate with fellow students or community members, or a place to take classes or learn a new skill.

The challenge most libraries face is the need to make space for these new functions and services, while still housing their physical book collection. This is where mobile shelving can truly make a difference. Mobile shelving eliminates the need for open aisles between library shelving units. All of that reclaimed aisle space can be reallocated throughout the existing library and used for classrooms, collaborative seating areas or crafting spaces.

Mobile shelving can truly transform an existing library facility from a book storage space to an active community resource with plenty of opportunities for learning, making and collaboration, without the need for costly expansion or interior rennovations.
Hi-Density offers a diverse selection of storage solutions that work seamlessly in today's library environments.Our solutions are aesthetically pleasing and endlessly customizable ranging from archival storage,to high-density book and document storage.

Our storage solutions are made in the USA from special 6061 structural aluminum and steel and finished in an array of highly durable acrylic enamel colored paints for longevity and durability.
Hi-Density Space Saving allows the repurposing of todays libraries by replacing static library shelving with innovative high density shelving solutions and mobile storage systems. Each of our library shelving solutions are designed to fit your specific storage needs and optimize a space that works for your library. Hi-Density mobile systems eliminate the old static aisles and increase your floor and archival space, making it possible to repurpose those areas for other uses. Each of our Hi-Density mobile library shelving units can help consolidate existing collections of art and archival materials and provide future expansion room.
Library storage solutions are available in Hi-Density's following product lines:

HD2 Lateral Storage
HD2 Storage Information
HD3 Storage
HD3 Storage Information
HD4 Storage
HD4 Storage Information
HD5 Storage
HD5 Storage Information

Example Library Storage Applications