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Military storage has to be more than an efficient use of space. It should also be highly secure—accessible to some while remaining completely inaccessible to others. At Hi-Density Spacesaving Solutions, we design custom military storage solutions that will keep weapons appropriately secure while enhancing your use of space and maintaining appropriate access for those who need it.

The Advantages of Hi-Density Solutions for Military StorageM16-WEAPONS-STORAGE-AT-PARRIS-ISLAND-OVER-16,000-WEAPONS-STORED-ON-30'-LONG-CARRIAGES

High density military storage solutions offer enhanced efficiency, but there are a number of specific advantages we tailor to these weapons storage systems. Here are some of the most important advantages of working with Hi-Density for your storage needs:

  • When storing weapons, security is always a top priority. With Hi-Density Weapon Racks, for example, you can add two more levels of security by using a System Security lock in either keyed or combination forms. Our additional High Security lock will keep the system completely secure.
  • You want high security to make the weapons inaccessible to unauthorized users, but the weapons also need to be quickly accessible when needed. You can easily inventory your weapons in our military storage solutions without eliminating security features.
  • An upgrade in storage should come with an upgrade in the efficiency with which you use your space. You can store more weapons with a Hi-Density storage solution without sacrificing any of the other advantages you see here.
  • A weapons storage cart is a tremendous way to boost access and efficiency while still meeting your practical storage needs. We can install a weapons storage cart that allows you to safely move as many as thirty weapons at a time.

Put together, these benefits quickly add up to a striking advantage over traditional storage solutions. But there’s more to increasing your storage capacity than the products themselves. Are tailored design and installation process helps you to get even more from your space.

A Customized Approach from Hi-DensityCAGED-WEAPON-RACK-AT-CAMP-GEIGER

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to military storage solutions. A proper weapons storage system should be tailored to your needs, factoring in issues of access, space limitations, and even the specific shape of your storage facilities.

Our process begins with a review of your space so we can figure out exactly what you need for the best military storage possible. Since every space is different, this discovery process is essential in providing an ideal solution.

Our designers and engineers then get to work, creating the storage installations you’ll need for the greatest mobility, access, and security your space will allow. With this customized installation, you’ll have maximum usage of your space with all of the advantages listed above.

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Our products include a lifetime warranty, because we’re that confident in the craftsmanship of our materials and our process. Our USA-built products provide the highest possible standard in storage for your weapons.

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