Mobile Archive Shelving Systems

Whether you manage a library, a museum, or a commercial space with advanced archive storage needs, mobile archive shelving systems from HD Spacesaving Systems can be a key investment that changes the way you store your materials.

The Benefits of Mobile Archive Shelvinglibrary archival storage system

With mobile shelving for your archive storage, you can maximize storage in unused space while having as much access as you need at any moment. Mobile shelving allows you to open access to aisles whenever you need them. When the archive shelves aren’t in use, they are stacked against each other to minimize their impact on the rest of your floor space. Some key benefits of these systems include:

  • Greater efficiency. With mobile archive shelving, you maximize the use of your pace. Fixed shelving requires open access at all times—even when the storage isn’t in use. This means that you cannot use all of the space created by the aisles. With mobile shelving, however, you can fill in that space with even more storage while still enjoying quick access to the items you need.
  • Convenience & Savings. By making more efficient usage of the space you already own or rent, additional facilities to store your items may not be required. Save money and enjoy convenient access by keeping everything in one place.
  • We can customize our mobile archive shelving systems to meet the specific needs of your space. Avoid any inefficiencies that result from a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Even if your space is unconventional, we can create unique archive shelving systems to maximize your storage capability.
  • Long-term warranty. Our products are designed and built in the U.S.A. With highly skilled craftsmanship, Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems makes long-term investments in the quality of our shelving. To back this claim and offer you peace of mind, all of our systems come with a lifetime warranty.

But the benefits of working with us aren’t limited to the shelves themselves. We offer an individualized process to ensure your archive storage system meets your unique needs.

medical storage shelvingThe Hi-Density Process

A customized approach is the key to giving you the mobile archive shelving you need. We work in four stages to ensure you get the archive storage you need.

  • The first step is discovery. With an on-site walk-through, our engineering team will examine your space and diagnose the best options to suit your storage needs. That includes everything from the build of the mobile archive shelving systems to any budget concerns you may have.
  • Next, we’ll present you with a custom build strategy for your approval. This will include visuals so you can get a sense of what your commercial space will look like with your storage system installed.
  • With your approval, installation comes next. We build the mobile archiving systems from scratch for delivery at your facility and always strive to complete work on time and on budget.
  • Finally, we offer long-term support as well as a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

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