Mobile Shelving Product Lines

Explore the mobile shelving of our Hi-Density Product Lines from lateral and mechanical solutions to electric solutions.
Our systems are all CUSTOM built to order.
If you have other manufacturer rails don't worry. Hi-Density mobile systems can be custom designed to fit competetor rail and carriage systems.

Get More Out of Your Space

Regardless of what you do, getting organized is one of the most essential fundamentals that you can address. With mobile shelving, you can maximize storage and create a more aesthetically pleasing look to your storage, which is one of the best ways to help with your productivity, especially with making sure everything is easy to find.
One of the biggest struggles associated with getting organized is finding the space to put all your items. This is where Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems comes in – our products can help you get organized while saving you space and allowing you the freedom and flexibility to create the workspace where it is needed.
The technique of mobile shelving can increase your free space in an area by up to 50% because the shelves can be moved to access desired stored items when they are not being used. In essence they don’t have to get in the way of your work and in fact, they compact your storage space to work.
Bottom line, Hi-Density Spacesaving systems is designed with your needs in mind to help you achieve what you need to get done efficiently and effectively.

Our Products

All of our products are high quality, and we ensure that everything we make is worthy of the price you pay. We use all our products ourselves, so we make them by keeping in mind the needs of those people who will be using them.
When you buy from us, you get products made with aluminum, precision steel wheels, laminate with optional steel end panels, laminates, and safety locks, with variability available for the size of the shelves you need. We have HD2 lateral systems as well as HD3, HD4, and HD5 system manual/mechanical assistant/electric systems, and weapons racks to fill a variety of needs.
All of our systems are visually appealing and come with several options, including customizable system control, carriage movement systems, carriage stopping control, and safety systems. The materials are all high capacity, lightweight yet strong, safe, and quality. Standard features include a heavy duty crank, safety locks, a drive chain tightener, gearing, and flooring, and all components are fully assembled where possible.

Hi-Density | High Quality | High Value

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA utilizing high quality design and manufacturing. Compare our features.

Manual Assist Crank Handle

Our mechanical crank mechanism provides easy movement of shelving units.

High Security Lock

Hi-Density components are heavy duty, designed and made in the USA.

Electric Control

Our optional electric control system is available in some HD product lines.

Aisle Locks

Our unique lock design locks the carriage, not just the crank handle.