Museum Storage Solutions

Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems offer many space saving applications specifically designed for use in museums for both display and archival storage.
Hi-Density provides storage options for museums that have evolved with the modern demands and design needs of today's museums. We understand the need for uniquely designed art and artifact storage racks or museum storage cabinets that both conserve space and provide multiple level of security for preservation storage.

The Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems HD line of products provides museum-grade cabinets that are built for safe three-dimensional art storage, such as archaeological and ceramics storage. Our available options provide unending customization to your museum needs, such as glass doors offering an unobstructed view of museum pieces while minimizing the opportunity to touch priceless objects. The HD smooth-gliding drawers and museum trays are perfect for organizing and protecting your smaller items, or flat artwork.

Our custom high density storage solutions are available for any combination of art racks, cabinets, mobile and fixed storage systems, designed to create a cohesive fine art storage system that minimizes the current spatial footprint.
Hi-Density offers a diverse selection of storage solutions that work seamlessly in today's museum environments. By incorporating high tech, non-off gassing paints, laminates and flooring materials we are able to provide noninvasive storage options.

Our museum storage products have been built for the storage of the following in museum environments:
  • Rare Textiles
  • Books and Literature
  • All of our products are designed and constructed for the preservation and protection of the collections housed in your musueum.
    Museum storage solutions are available in Hi-Density's following product lines:

    HD2 Lateral Storage
    HD2 Storage Information
    HD3 Storage
    HD3 Storage Information
    HD4 Storage
    HD4 Storage Information
    HD5 Storage
    HD5 Storage Information

    Museum Storage Applications