Weapon Storage Solutions

Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems offers many space saving applications specifically designed for your unique weapon storage applications.
Hi-Density provides solutions for all of your custom and unique applications that require a product that has evolved with the modern demands,designs and space requirements of today's military and security forces. We understand the needs for uniquely designed storage racks that conserve space while providing multiple levels of security for your storage.

Since 1991, Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems has been a leading US manufacturer, providing storage solutions for police, military, government facilities and security forces at home and abroad.
Hi-Density offers a diverse selection of military storage solutions that work seamlessly in today's military and warehouse environments.Through our years of providing custom weapon storage optimization solutions, we are well versed in the expertise required when designing and constructing storage that solves the specific needs of military and weapon retailers.

Hi-Density Spacesaving weapon racks are constructed of a highly durable wear resistant polyethylene plastic. This material is not only strong and durable but will not mar weapons or equipment. All barrel supports are made from one solid piece of material having no guards or coatings to fall off or wear away. All gunstock supports are also made of one solid piece of polyethylene and mounted in a special 6061 aircraft grade aluminum extrusion.

Our standard pistol racks are also constructed of the same material supporting the pistol barrel and grip from the exterior of the weapon leaving the barrel rifling unaffected.

Weapon carts are custom built to facilitate access and mobility of weapons for quick deployment. They can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of rifle designs. Our carts are also available for MK19 grenade launchers and M2 50 Caliber.

All of our products are design and constructed in the USA for the preservation, organization and protection of our military's valuable assets.
Military and weapon storage solutions are available in Hi-Density's following product lines:

HD2 Storage
HD2 Storage Information
HD3 Storage
HD3 Storage Information
HD4 Storage
HD4 Storage Information
HD5 Storage
HD5 Storage Information

Weapons Storage Solutions

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