Medical Records Storage Systems

The proper storage of medical records can quite literally be a life and death issue, which is why medical centers like yours go to such great lengths to ensure they are using the best solutions. With the efficient and highly accessible medical record storage systems offered by Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems, you can get more from your space while maintaining high levels of accessibility.

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Our medical records storage systems are installed and designed by professionals who understand the specific needs of your industry. There are many benefits that you can realize when you switch to a high density records system:

  • We design our storage systems with high levels of security, giving you the peace of mind you need as you store vital medical information and personal data in your space. We also offer secure pharmaceutical inventory storage. We have deep experience in handling highly sensitive medical information and materials.
  • Greater use of space. Our medical filing storage systems look very much like a traditional storage space in many ways, but they improve on the use of space by utilizing mobile shelving. Through mobile shelving, you can open access points that feel like a traditional storage method—but when no access is needed, these shelves can be easily stacked against each other to make the greatest possible use of your space.
  • Our shelves can open and move to give you the access path needed to find all of your relevant medical records. But access is also about the comfortable usage of storage space. These systems feature shelves at a reasonable level to ensure they’re easier to find and easier to handle.
  • There’s simply no beating our lifetime warranty when it comes to long-term peace of mind. With our products designed and produced in the U.S.A., we take great care to give each installation the best possible chance at lasting a lifetime. You can go about your work confident in the integrity of your storage.

How we implement each of these benefits into your space? It begins with our proven installation process.

Proven Process for Better Storage Resultscrank-handle

The expert engineers and craftsmen at HD Spacesaving Systems are second to none. Our installation of your medical records storage system begins with a detailed discovery process. We get to know your space and your unique challenges so we can custom-tailor a solution that is optimized for your unique space. We’ll visit your space on-site to ensure we have the information our designers need. We will then custom build our strategy and can even provide visual aids so you can have an idea about what your space-saving solution will look like when the project is finished.

After that, we will work to quickly install the storage system, ensuring everything is set up and ready to go. Our aim here is simple: we will provide you with an on-time, on-budget installation worthy of our lifetime guarantee.

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